Top 10 Favorite Waitukubuli National Trail Experiences

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  1. Dive into Dominicascottshead

Renowned globally for healthy reefs, take the opportunity to dive or snorkel in the region’s top dive spot at the starting point of the WNT on Segment 1. Contact [,, ].


  1. Local Herbs & Cuisine Cook Up

From the garden to the table, experience how to cook a local meal using herbs and fresh seasoning and the best part includes eating what you made with a local Chef! Segment 3 offers this taste of Dominica.

  1. Organic Farms harmony-garden

Be it lifestyle choice or just wanting to experience health conscious farming first hand, Places such as harmony garden and Broad Meadows in the village of Bellevue Chopin in the beginning of segment 3 is the best place to find it.


  1. Sulphur Spas

Need to relax your tired muscles from a vigorous hike or do you just want to put the stresses of life on mute for a moment. Then you should visit Tia’s Bamboo Cottages, Screws Sulphur Spa or Ti Kwen Glo Cho in Watten Waven at the end of Segment 3.

  1. Waterfall & River Lime waterfall

With 365 rivers and numerous waterfalls, this is a definite find along the WNT, especially on Segment 5. Arrangements can be made with a group of persons to hike and lime at a waterfall and river along the hike for a refreshing dip and chill-out spot.



  1. Camping Hard Core

With no official camping sites, rough it up for a night or more if you happen to be a back packer or we could offer that service. Seek advice on options for camping by calling our office.

  1. Home Stays kalinago_village

If you are interested in spending a night or more with a family in their home, then a home stay must form part of your experience, with options for indigenous living on Segment 6 or non-indigenous communities on all other segments.



  1. Kalinago Living

Live like a Kalinago to experience any aspect of indigenous living on Segment 6. Visit for options.

  1. Bird Watching hummingbird

Over 179 species of birds are known in Dominica. Remarkable spots for this are located along the WNT, especially Segments 7 & 10.




  1. Kayaking at Sea

Interesting in aquatic sports, looking to calmly paddle through the glassy Caribbean Sea? Well look up Surprise Beach Watersports Bar & Grill on Facebook or @sbwbg. You would find then off segment 8 and 9.

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