Nature Island Run 2017

WNT News | April 12, 2017 | Comments 0

Trail running is a quickly growing sport, moving to over 6 MILLION runners in the US alone by 2012. And why not, as this form of adventure racing puts athletes in closer touch with nature! Kyle Dietz, former wrestler and MMA (Mixed-Martial Arts) would know all about that. Participating in many trail runs over the past few years, Kyle is currently in Dominica attempting a new and challenging feat – running the entire length of the Waitukubuli National Trail’s 115 miles in the FASTEST KNOWN TIME! Having done a 100-mile run in 18 hours, can Kyle cover Waitukubuli in 2 days? Wait and see… Discover Dominica Hike Dominica Hike into Dominica

(Remain tuned for updates and airing date of the televised ‘Nature Island Run’ to be featured on World of Adventure Sports and other networks.)

Photo credit: YouTube

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