A Nibble of the South

A Slice of WaituKubuli | June 26, 2017 | Comments 0

A Slice Of Waitukubuli
(Because we aren’t all big eaters)

Hi there folks!
Welcome to our first segment of A Slice of Waitukubuli. For those of you who don’t know, the Waitukubuli National Trail is a 115 mile long trail located on ‘the Nature Island’ of the Commonwealth of Dominica. It begins in the southern village of Scotts Head and crisscrosses the island through various historic points, scenic views, and rural villages then comes to an end at the Cabrits National Park in Portsmouth.

Today we’re dicing up and serving tiny morsels of the South. The southern most villages of Soufriere and Scotts Head house the very beginning of the Waitukubuli National trail (Beginning of Segment 1, Start of Segment 2).

First off, we meet up with our trail guide Derrick Joseph, acquire a Waitukubuli National Trail Pass at Rogers Bar  and maybe a snack to take on the hike as well. After trekking through the segment (known for Sulphur springs and old ruins) we set up camp at Rodney’s Wellness Retreat where we choose from a variety of tents or apartments. Now that we have a place to rest our head for the night, we head out Bubble Beach Spa for a relaxing soak. Now is the time we decide where we’re having dinner; since we’re already near, we head to Cocoyea Bar & Grill.

We have come to the end of our first slice, thanks for snacking with us and joins us again for another slice of Waitukubuli.



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