Waitukubuli National Trail Segment Updates-Rehabilitation

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Hello to all hikers and trail enthusiasts!! 🙂
We at the Trail Management Unit would like to give all our patient readers some updates on the recovery activities along the Waitukubuli National Trail. We hope you are as excited as we are about these developments.

Segment 1 (Scott’s Head to Soufriere Estate)
The segment was cleared by members of the hiking community, Ibrahim Brohim, Simon Walsh, Dwivayez Hiking Club and local community members between November 2017 and March 2018. While it may be accessible, it is not officially re-opened by the Waitukubuli National Trail Management Unit.  There are extremely difficult sections due to the danger of rock slides. It is intended that additional ropes be placed in unstable areas to assist hikers in their safety. The general public will be officially informed on the segment opening and we appreciate your patience as we continue working on opening all segments.

Segment 2 (Soufriere Estate to Bellevue Chopin)
Clearing work has recently begun by teams contracted by the Division of Forestry, Wildlife and Parks.

Segment 3 (Bellevue Chopin to Wotten Waven)
The segment is now clear and accessible with trailblazing (painting of yellow and blue trail markers) to be complete by end of June.

Segment 4 (Wotten Waven to Pont Casse)
Work is ongoing and parts of the segment are already clear to include Sylvania, Middleham Estate, Wotten Waven, Trafalgar and Morne Jacque.

Segment 5 (Pont Casse to Castle Bruce)
Start of segment from Pont Casse to the Emerald Pool is clear and work is ongoing from Emerald Pool to Castle Bruce by teams contracted by the Division of Forestry, Wildlife & Parks through kind sponsorship by the Discover Dominica Authority.

Segment 7 (Hatten Garden to First Camp)
Work is ongoing and near complete. Hatten Garden to Captain Bruce was cleared by maintenance team and Hibiscus Valley Inn.

Segment 10 (Colihaut Heights to Syndicate)
Work is ongoing by teams contracted by the Division of Forestry, Wildlife & Parks. Debris has been cleared from the concrete roads.

Segment 11 (Syndicate to Borne)
This segment has been adopted by Tamarind Tree Hotel with some assistance of their guests and community members. To date, roughly 2 miles of trail have been cleared.

Segment 12 (Borne to Penville)
The segment was adopted and fully cleared by Range Developments (Cabrits Resort Kempinski) who cleared fallen trees and other debris off the path in order to make it accessible again.

Segment 13 (Penville to Capuchin)
This segment was adopted by Mango Garden Cottages and community members. Areas from Capuchin towards Penville have been cleared and half way to Grand Fond from the Penville end. A bypass was recently created through a large landslide which prevented access by a work team contracted by the Division of Forestry, Wildlife & Parks.


Please note that all Segments of the Waitukubuli National Trail remain Closed. Though segments are being cleared away of debris and over hang, NO hikers are to access any Segment of the Waitukubuli National Trail at this time.

A message from the WNTMU and Forestry Wildlife & Park Division.



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