The Pont Casse to Castle Bruce Trail

Areas of Interest

  • Jaco Cave
  • Carib Trace
  • Emerald Pool
  • L’Or River (Riviere L’Or)
  • Savanne David

Leaving the Pont Casse Round About located at the center of the island with an overview of the Morne Trois Pitons National Park World Heritage Site is Segment 5 of the Waitukubuli National Trail. Segment 5 is categorised as an easy hike and can be completed within six (6) hours approximately 17.4 km in length.

Moving along the Old Carib Trace (Kalinago Stone Pathway) one is able to visit the Emerald Pool while passing through a tiny community called Fond Melle and leads you to the eastern community of Castle Bruce where sounds of the Atlantic Ocean’s waves crashes on the shoreline.

An area of interest on Segment 5 is Savanne David which can be used for picnicking, weddings, parties etc. Segment 5 begins at Pont Casse and ends at Richmond, Castle Bruce. Other areas of interest on the segment include the Castle Bruce Swamp, Jaco Cave and Creole Gardens.

Level of Difficulty : Moderate

Segment 5 Profile

Contact Information Regular Room Campground

The Inn at Pont Casse (Tia Poc)

Contact Person: George West

Tel 1767 2458585


RIVER~STONE Cottages /Bar & Grill, Belles

Contact Person: Maxine Esprit (Mrs.)

Tel: 1+ (767) 449.3713 / 235.3402 / 616.7133


Harmony Villa (Cottages),Sultan /Pont Casse, Dominica

Contact: Ms. Carla Armour

Tel: 767-612-4166/ 245-4166/448-2638


One 294.00
Two 398.00
Three 495.00

Tappa’s, Lorte Bore, Castle Bruce

Contact: Mr. Bennet Jno.Finn

Tel: 767-446-0379 / 767-614-4938



Jefferson Dubique (Home-stay), Wind Blow, Castle Bruce

Tel: 1767-446-0581/ 1767-245-6043

Judith Wiltshire (Home-stay), Jalousie, Castle Bruce

Tel: 1767-225-9730

Austel Lockhart (Home-stay), Jalousie, Castle Bruce

Tel: 1 767 245 0350

Domcans, Castle Bruce

Tel: 1 767 445 7794


Sea Breeze Inn, Castle Bruce

Contact Perso: Joan Lockhart

Tel: 1 767-225-6287

Single 60.00-90.00
Double 80.00-90.00

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