The Bourne to Penville Trail

Areas of Interest

  • View of Portsmouth and Cabrits
  • Morne Aux Diables
  • Community of Vielle Case
  • Scene from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie

Segment 12 which start from Bourne and ends at Penville passes through the village of Vieille Case better known as Itassi Village, home to a number of Head of State/Government. It takes a hiker seven (7) hours to hike this 13.5 km long trail which is said to be a moderate to difficult hike. Walking this trail, one can find a perfect means to exploring and discovering the deep rural areas of northern Dominica. It traverses an area which is considered deeply rural Dominica and opens non-traditional tourism communities.

The view of the rugged Atlantic coastline can also be seen while putting on display of the dry forest, farmlands and local agriculture, old estate roads and the culture and traditions associated with village life. This area is home to the filming of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie Part 2.

Level of Difficulty : Moderate to Difficult

Segment 12 Profile

Contact Information Regular Room Campground

Ms. Vernice Bellony (Home-stay), Vieille Case

Tel: 1767-445-3115/ 1767-245-4001


Ms. Vanya Leblanc (Home-stay), Vieille Case

Tel: 1767-276-0863/ 767-315-4137

E-mail: or


Helen and Justin Dubois (Home-stay), Penville

Tel: 1767-277-1923


Alroy and Charles Seaman (Home-stay), Vieille Case

Tel: 1767-616-9975

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