Waitukubuli National Trail Segment Updates – September 2018

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The Waitukubuli National Trail Management Unit of the Division of Forestry, Wildlife & Parks is pleased to provide some updates on the progress of the rehabilitation of the Waitukubuli National Trail. The following summarizes clearance works (phase 1) along some segments, the rehabilitation works completed to date and the remaining work required to bring the WNT to full restoration. 

Segment 1 (Scott’s Head to Soufriere Estate)

This segment requires a bridge. However, the segment is accessible and hike-able.

Moderate hike with one minor climb.


Segment 2 (Soufriere Estate to Bellevue Chopin)

This segment has not been cleared. Difficult hike.


Segment 3 (Bellevue Chopin to Wotten Waven)

This segment has ideal hiking conditions but with increased exposure. Moderate hike with short steep climb.


Segment 4 (Wotten Waven to Pont Casse)

This segment is in perfect or mint condition and requires a river crossing. Moderate hike with minor valleys.


Segment 5 (Pont Casse to Castle Bruce)

This segment is in very good Condition. Requires bridge repair and rope railings. Moderate hike. 


Segment 6 (Castle Bruce to Hatten Garden)

This requires clearing, bridges and crossings.  Moderate hike until Horseback Ridge. 


Segment 7 (Hatten Garden to First Camp)

This segment is in need of clearing.  Bridge requires replacement at Gould. Moderate hike. 


Segment 8( First Camp to Petite Macoucherie)

Assessment continues with one partner showing interest; discussion
continues. Very difficult hike.


Segment 9 (Petite Macoucherie to Colihaut Heights)

The assessment has been completed with a contract pending governmental approval. Extremely difficult hike.


Segment 10 (Colihaut Heights to Syndicate)

This segment is complete and requires painting. Easy hike.


Segment 11 (Syndicate to Borne)

This segment is 85% complete and requires rope railings and two bridges. Clearance of the old railway track adopted by partner Secret Bay. Moderate to difficult hike.


Segment 12 (Borne to Penville)

This segment is completely cleared but in need of a bridge/ crossing at Mamiton. Difficult hike with major valleys towards Penville.


Segment 13 (Penville to Capuchin)

This segment is completely cleared with increased exposure resulting in increased vegetation maintenance. Moderate hike. 


Segment 14 (Capuchin to Cabrits)

This segment is cleared. Canna Heritage Park adopted by Capuchin Village Council. Easy hike.


Please note that all Segments of the Waitukubuli National Trail remain CLOSED. Though segments are being cleared away of debris and over hang, NO hikers are to access any segment of the Waitukubuli National Trail at this time without written permission.

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