The Penville to Capuchin Trail

Areas of Interest

  • Lost Grand Fond Village
  • View of Neighbouring French Islands
  • Tafia Falls
  • Cannor Heritage Park

Segment 13 of the Waitukubuli National Trail is much dryer than all other segments and introduces the northern coastline of Dominica. It is 6.8 km long and starts at Penville ending at Capuchin. It is said to be a moderate hike requiring approximately four (4) hours to complete the segment. There is a volcanic terrain which is covered with dry forested woodland and traverses a steeped area in history and culture.

During a hike on Segment 13 one can take a view of the French Islands of Marie Galante, The Saints and Guadeloupe. The Tafia Falls is also located on the Segment. Segment 13 has its own rich biodiversity with singing birds, jumping frogs, colourful and radiant bloom of flowers, crawling insects and towering trees.

The Segment culminates at the Canna Heritage Park in capuchin where an Interpretation Facility is currently being constructed.

Level of Difficulty : Moderate

Segment 13 Profile

Contact Information Regular Room Campground

Liana and Jerry Carbon (Home-stay), Capuchin

Tel: 1767-445-3238/ 1767-225-6676


Marvlyn and Steve Joseph (Home-stay), Capuchin

Tel: 1 767 448 8442 or 1 767 235 3762

Gilles and Frank Jno. Baptiste (Home-stay), Capuchin

Tel: 1 767 445 5839 or 1767 276 3113

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