The Bellevue Chopin to Watten Waven Trail

Areas of Interest

  • Organic Tea Production
  • Giraudel Community
  • River Clair
  • Warm Sulphur Pools

The area known for exotic flora and fauna and wellness appeal such as sulphur springs and hot spas is placed on Segment 3 of the Waitukubuli National Trail. On this trail, one can get a glimpse of the Morne Trois Pitons National Park, a renowned World Heritage Site and a loop to the Boiling Lake can also be seen. Journeying through this trail, one can enjoy a bath in the clear waters and at the beauty of assortment of flowers at Giraudel Botanic Gardens.

It takes only five (5) hours to complete this challenging trail which is 12.8 km long with niggled terrains. Other areas of interest are the aerial view of Roseau and surroundings.

Level of Difficulty : Moderate

Segment 3 Profile

Contact Information Regular Room Campground

Virginia Giraudel, Giraudel (Homestay)

Tel: 1767-448-4180/ 1767-616-5488

Joyce Samuel, Giraudel (Homestay)

Tel: 1 767 448 5693 or 1 767 276 1439

Oyane and Oliver Henderson, Giraudel (Homestay)

Tel: 1767-440-5465/ 1767-616-3644

Exotica Cottage Resort, Giraudel

Tel: 1 767 448 8839

Le Petite Paradise, Wotten Waven (Guest House)

Tel: 1 767 440 4352 or 1 767 276 2761


Hiker Quarters 40.00

Secrete Garden, Watten Waven (Guest House)

Tel: 1767-448-7554/ 1767-616-7854

Hetty’s Place, Wotten Waven

Tel: 1 767 449 9692

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